Kospet prime problem booting

Kospet prime booting problem: no commands

Could you please describe your problem a little more precisely?

Since I got this watch, it has the problem of rebooting. It does not want to load. After pushing the power button many times, it has loaded. Many times it says no commands. Now it does not wanting to load no matter how many times I push the power button. I have reinstalled the system several times. I do not know what else could be done. Please, any ideas …

Does that mean that you have flashed it or only done factory resets?

Thanks for responding. I have flashed the watch several times. If, for some reason, I restart the watch or it restart itself when application does not respond, then it does not load the system again. Then I have to power on the watch many times. It has been going on for a while. Now it does not want to load at all. Because of the number of times I power it on, it runs out of battery. Then, I put it to recharge, and again, I keep power it on.

Have you flashed with the latest version

Prime v2.0 final https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hjF-LyZVTKUpURojQSlDxtQffs3DYw_N/view?usp=sharing

Yes, I have. But I sill have not tried it since it is out of battery.

You should always have fully charged and off while flashing . I’m sure you will know this