Kospet Prime heart rate monitor problems in Fitness

The Kospet Prime heart rate monitor during running and cycling has been a huge FAIL for me thus far. When running it reads 85-92 bpm even under high exertion. I’ve tried all placements on my wrist, along with all variations in tension of the band. Nothing makes any difference except walking and letting my hand drop straight down. Aside from the failure to integrate the Fitness app with Google Fit, this is what keeps this good watch from being great. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks.

The heart rate sensor of all full-android watches is unfortunately never what I would call a precision instrument …

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Hi . Make sure you have updated to the latest firmware and after install make sure you perform a full factory reset and start again . I use mine for running and have no issues . However dont expect the accuracy of a £ 500 watch . I also use this for my running

Its the only app that uses the integrated heart rate monitor . Make sure on watch you turn of this app in battery saver and data saver . To enable use of heart rate monitor you will find this in sensor settings

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I bought a so called “smart Bluetooth” pulse belt for 9 euros in a sports Store. It sometimes disconnects but if I use BT for my earphones, it will keep connection stable

I use lem10

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