Kospet prime / floating toucher

Hi guys I’ve just installed the floating toucher.is it meant to stay on the watch face every time I open it. As it seems I have to open the toucher app. I’ve noticed it’s a payed app so I’m assuming I will have to pay to get the full version. Or am I wrong…

You have to turn it off in Battery Saver to keep it active when the screen times out.

Thank you Jonathan.

Hi Jonathan,
been looking thru forum and found this for the same issue i have with ‘Floating Button’ app. But when i open Battery saver on Kospet prime SE(is it Power Save on S)E it doesnt give me an option to turn off any apps(let alone Floating Button)

i did ask App creator and he gave me same advice.

It is not Power Save. You go to Settings/More/Battery Saver. There you will find a list of applicable apps. Select the ones you want to stay on all the time like Floating Toucher and turn it off. I suggest you use the Search function at the top right of the page to assist you. If you type in Battery Saver you will find what you are looking for.
Just curious are you referring to the “Floating Toucher” app or the “Floating Button” app. They are not the same.

THanks Jonathan,
Settings/More/Background cleaner/battery saver. Then i could select Floating Button.(not Floating Toucher)

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