Kospet Prime charging issues - updated !!

Hi All,

I wrote to Kospet and asked them if there was a " workaround" for my Prime charging issues that i had and after a couple of emails they stated they were happy to send me out another charger for free which i thought was a nice gesture :wink: This was 10 days ago. I then got an email yesterday that they now want a video of my charging issues to be sent to them !! So of course after the back and forth emails i’m not impressed with their customer service.
Word of warning people - Be aware when you contact Kospet and state they will give you the world when clearly they won’t without jumping through hoops.

Seriously disappointed i can say !!

I got 2 free charger from kospet (always after sending photo/video). The second charger i got 9 months after buying watch (2-3 weeks ago) and i only asked them that they selling separete charger to kospet prime :smiley: . Im very satisfied that they accepted the complaint without any problems.

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It is not uncommon to have to prove the problem in order to get a replacement. Big brands like Apple or Samsung also behave in the same way. I think that’s normal.

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