Kospet Prime app to keep dislpay on all time

Hi guys.

I would like to know about if there is a app that allows to keep on the smartwatch display all time but keep locking after some time but after locking display is still on.

Thanks in advance

Universal launcher has a " always on screen " option . I have used with all radios on and screen on . I got 8hrs
Please note as the screen is not amoled there is the risk of screen burn ? I havent seen damage as such on prime but possible at your own risk


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Thans a lot Dr_Andy_Vishnu, then Universal launcher is a great app but now you are telling me that about burning, I’m concerned.

Is it possible to keep display on but turn off at will? I’m thinking for instance in places with strong sun light where I won’t be able to see anything in smartwatch even max brightness so could I press lock button to turn off or pressing it again to restart display always on screen timer?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

To be honest that can occasionally happen with UL anyway . Give it a try and see

I will do it :slight_smile: but at the moment I’m trying to “fix” watchdroidassistant watchdroidphone with developer because notifications aren’t showing with that app icons and watchdroidphone disconnect often and always when I charge smartwatch but that was fixed with

  1. Disabling “Background cleaner” in settings > more > Background cleaner > off

  2. Disabling power saving

  3. DuraSpeed memory optimization, I wasn’t able to find it in my smartwatch.

But turning the first 2 options, now watchdroidphone keeps connected and mails received are showing with watchdroidphone watchdroidassistant icons :slight_smile: except my own mails. Anyway I’m testing, but I will install universal launcher, thanks a lot for your help! You deserve a truck full of beers if you like them!!

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Regards and thanks again


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