Kospet Prime additional charger

Where can I get an additional charger for the Kospet prime ???

I don’t think it comes with a CIGAR. :grin::smoking:

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I assume that soon will be in Aliexpress…it is quite a new device…

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I just order one from aliexpress, £4.50 but the cost of postage is £4, I see a lot for kospet hope at £4 or less included shipping but dont know if these will work

I have made a few chargers from old GARMIN connector cables which I had around - cut the shape of the plastic to allow contact to touch and add small magnet to keep it firmly locked to the bottom of Kospet PRIME

Second simplified solution (but quite basic) it to get old 3 1/2 " floppy power connector, cut two middle wires away, keep the outside ones, connect it with usb cable cut from old mouse, and stick 2 pins into the connector + magnet to hold it to Prime - also works OK
BUT - please ensure correct polarity - use multimeter for such work to ensure that polarity is the same as on the original connector !!! - with contact on top, most left pin is - and most right pin is +

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For additional chargers (and many Android setup solutions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdvKLo_uAhs