Kospet prime 2 wireless charging

Hi All,

It has been stated that the Prime 2 has wireless charging but I have not seen or read anything to confirm this?

Does anyone have a direct answer please?


There will be no wireless charging on the Prime 2 . This feature was removed and maybe will be added in the future . The charging module was causing problems with wifi . Thanks

Ahhhh. Thank you. And that’s why there is nothing written about it because it failed. So you are still going to have charging issues with the Prime 2 then like the Prime with the alignment on the Dock?

I would say not although i have not seen the new dock . Maybe @pablo11 can shine some light on this . Thanks

In the video there is not a dock, but just a small magnetic connector, so a whole different animal. Whether it’s better, time will tell and I guess Pablo has some experience with his prototype.

The magnetic charger (cable) has been very reliable from my experience, this is pretty much the next best solution compared to a wireless charger.

Thanks Guys. I appreciate the help and advice :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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