Kospet Prime 2 WiiFun App iPhone Disconnects

I am having an issue with the Kospet Prime 2 and pairing the WiiFun app to an iPhone. Pairing is very tricky, and when it finally does pair, it disconnects, and then I can’t get it reconnected. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Thanks for the response, I am actually having the issue with an iPhone, any ideas on what might be the problem? Thanks.

The iPhone itself is the problem. It is not designed to communicate easily with our watches.


Ah ok no worries, thanks for the response.

Very true
I switched years ago
Pointless :+1:

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Yeah I have been an Android user since beginning. I recently switch to the iPhone just because I think the iPhone camera is a bit ahead of Android (faster, more responsive), and also FaceID. I wish Android would get FaceID, it is so much better than any form of fingerprint authentication. The Google Pixel 4 had FaceID, but then they scrapped it the next year, which I think is stupid. There are things that Android does better than Apple, and visa versa. Apple has much more limited functionality obviously (because Apple is very lazy in that regard). I will return to Android very soon, but I hope Android gets FaceID, and ups their game considerably with their cameras. Anywho, thanks again for the help.

I don’t want to judge which operating system is better. All I’m saying is that iPhones don’t work well with our watches. Apple would like iPhone users to also buy an Apple watch. Many of today’s limitations were added over the last few iOS versions.


Ahhh, I gotcha… ok interesting. Ok great thanks I appreciate it.

Volkswagen also has problems synchronizing the Android-based interface with IOS.


Oh really interesting. Good to know, thanks.

Hey, I had a quick thought, I know Wear OS watches support sync with the iPhone, and I have a Wear OS watch as well that works fine with the iPhone. Maybe there are some things you could examine in the Wear OS software that might give clues as to how to sync up with the iPhone? Thanks.

Well, since I don’t currently have an iPhone or an Android Wear Watch, I can’t carry out any tests. I personally use watchdroid and am very satisfied, but watchdroid is only available for Android.

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Hi, thanks yes on my Android I used Watch Droid as well (I think this forum recommended it) and it worked amazingly. Thanks.