Kospet Prime 2 watch updates

Is anyone aware of any new updates today and what it is?

Thanks for that, I found the thread on this issue later so I’ll delete what I started. Thanks again.

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No worries :+1:

I think that’s a shame and not a great way to look at it.

Updating via a file from here as previously stated in the other discussion was not as easy and as straightforward as it sounded and when its an expensive watch like this the majority wouldnt even attempt it .

Now if they wanted the uptake and feedback then surely a definitive no mistakes guide would have been put together . but because it was’nt there is no way the uptake would have been massive.

But even having said that the feedback from everyone that had tried it was positive, i dont think i read any negative reviews on it at all so from that point of view the positive feedback was there for them to see.