Kospet Prime 2 Watch Face can't connect to server

Downgraded to FAW 1.0. Tried to download new watch faces but says no network but I have no issue with the network tried different providers but same is there any way to download it manually from pc?

Download the watch face you want to your computer. Unzip it. Connect your watch to your computer with its charging cable. Your watch should appear on your computer as if it is a USB drive. Copy the unzipped watch face folder to the clockskin directory on the watch.


From where to download? Can you give link?

Clocksins website:


JN’s site

The watch faces group on MeWed has a lot of AL Roda faces.

And there in this forum there are permanent topics full of watch faces.

ALSO, if you install the clockskin transfer app on your watch, you can go to these sites with the browser on your watch and download the watch face directly, then the clockskin transfer app will install it.

Thnx :grin: hope it will work

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i cant connect to watch face server
Does anyone have the offecial link