Kospet prime 2 specific strap and question

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I have looked around this forum and decided to join since I will be buying a smartwatch like this.
I wanted to buy a strap and i know their are lots to buy, but my problem is I want a bracelet style one where I can adjust it and just put it on quickas well as take it off. Now I have seen some metal ones and mesh ones, but I really don’t want them as they pull on my wrist and arm hairs. So this is not ideal for me. I would just get a plastic tpu rubber/leather or something like that. Anyone know where I can get one that is going to fit this. I really don’t know where to start and if they actually exist.

Bonus question I know you can not connect your phone to this watch for calls and messages but I have been told that their may be a work around and if there is how wouldn i go about doing that.

Thank you for taking your time to read my topic.

I’ve moved on to buying straps in the watch store. Because most of the leather bracelets that I ordered on the Internet were very nice, but unfortunately not made of leather … If you have an Android phone, the options for connecting your watch to the smartphone are pretty good. Bluetooth calls are not possible, but messages from almost all apps can be received on the watch. The app I would recommend for this is called watchdroid. Even the caller ID can be displayed on the watch.

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Please forward me a link (pm me if it is against the rules) to where you can buy some nice looking bracelet type without pulling my hairs on my arm. I am not bothered if they are leather, rubber or even metal. As long as it looks good and easy to put on and off.

how about this strap: Watch band 26mm black Di-Modell IKARUS smooth light contrast stitching with rivets
together with this clasp: Formex Essence Clasp with Fine Adjustment #FB-23-110-NM

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Yeah definitely like the second link but alot cheaper really.

Have you tried Aliexpress? Lots of straps!

I think what I need to do is find the size and what the specifications for the strap for this watch is and then go from their. Also what do they call these types of straps on the second link.
I never used Aliexpress or Bangood but what do i search for as I dont want to get wrong straps.

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the prime 2 takes 26mm straps. The second link is just for a clasp, it does not include the strap itself. Anyways, it’s called a butterfly clasp, but I think most of them doesn’t have the ability to do fine adjustments like the Formex has.

I bought these in 26mm

Great quality

£7.23 39%OFF | 22mm 24mm 26mm 28mm 30mm High Quality Genuine Leather watchband for diesel DZ7259 DZ7256 DZ7265 Black& White& Brown watch strap

Wtf been looking for a strap with a clasp on all are either smaller size belts, expensive or not quick release.