Kospet prime 2 pairs but will not connect via. bluetooth

I recieved my prime 2 about 2 weeks ago and went through the set up. Set up apeared to go well. I wore it to work. While at work I recieved a phone call on my phone and noticed there was no vibration or notification/ notifications on my prime. Don’t no if this is normal if there is a software issue. If there is any who has any info on this please let me know

Most don’t use the watch/phone software that the watch recommends (wiiwatch) because it is buggy. I and most others use Watch Droid Phone from the Play Store. It is worth purchasing and it works much better. Lots of better features too. Also, not sure what’s up with your issue. Probably a “permission setting”.

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Yes . Watchdroid is the way forward and you will certainly know when a call comes in :+1: . You may have had your watch on silent