Kospet Prime 2 Official support UPDATED!

Hmm ok, I thought it was like this on the very old version of the firmware that needed flash tools…
Ok thanks :+1:

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I am from India. I have purchased Kospet Prime 2 watch. My service provider is AIRTEL. Its band is B40 (TD 2300) LTE interface. I am not able to connect to the Airtel frequency and use my phone for making and receiving calls.

If you use the search function on this forum there is a lot of information on this . The above is just a example

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Anyone know how to access the special code ##3646633## or ##4636##. I want to lock my watch into 4g only. Because I am using it as my hotspot and i have put a data sim that is not supporting 3g for data

You can do this by going to Settings, Network and mobile data and set preferred network to 4G.
It does achieve the same thing.

Those access codes are not the same on these devices and I think if you enable USB debugging - you should be able to use the MTK Engineer mode shortcut app from the play store.

I must admit that I have not done this for a while but it used to work as long as developer options were enabled


Prefered 4g still goes to 3g sometimes. Specially inside building without 4g repeaters.

The apps doesnt work its a shame i already enable developer option and with usb debugging.

Oh well, at least we tried.

It’s probably a carrier problem. Even if the LTE (4G) frequency band is within the range of communication support, it may switch from 4G to 3G if the signal is outside the allowable range or low. In addition, some countries allow 4G data, but VOLTE is blocked, so data use is 4G, and 3G is converted when receiving calls or text messages.

Indeed it is a Carrier situation.
Here I use Telstra.
It works fine with LTE but only if the default.prop has the the telstra branding entries.

But I find that it makes absolutely no difference at all to the quality of phone calls.
4G works fine and Voice over LTE is not important.

So I have tried Vodafone sim and volte is available because they do not have these dependencies.
However, I notice no difference in call quality between the Sim that allows VOLTE and the Sim that does not.

It is the same for cellular data… No difference in performance.

Of course - there is also the internal antenna signal strength.
If it is not good enough it will seek 3G.
Because of this I have set my network to favour 3G because it is more than fast enough for the watch.
It also saves battery by not hunting for cell towers that will accept it.

Telstra is an Australian carrier. In the case of Korea, it is a little different from what it looks like. Due to the policy of IMEI Whitelist, if the carrier does not register IMEI, VOLTE will not work and the call will be connected to GSM, resulting in actual sound quality differences. I am using SKT carrier.

I don’t know what other countries are like, but this is common in Asian countries.

I hope it helped you, @sinlaojd

Just 1 question
When I try to get into library (in youtube) in square mode taping doesn’t work any1 can explain why it works like that???
(Using original firmware)

Yes, if it does not go to square mode then it is whitelisted in the firmware.
I must admit that I haven’t tried it because it is well known that watching video on these devices makes them very hot.

However, I am very surprised that it is excluded and I wonder if it would be the same after a factory reset… :thinking:

Otherwise I suggest that you flash a version of stock firmware from before v2.0 etc.

V1.6 deals with formatting differently and to be honest I would probably try that version.

Actually v1.8 should be fine.


Can we get version 1.6 too? Just out of curiosity for testing purposes.

In FAW worked everything perfectly.I better wait for it

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Here you go.
Many of these were never released due to bugs.
But test away …:slight_smile:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: