Kospet Prime 2 Microsoft Company Portal says it is rooted


I want to connect my Kospet Prime 2 with my the corporate account of my employer in Microsoft Teams. However the Microsoft Company Portal which I have to install tells me that I am not allowed to use it on the device because it is rooted. I did not change anything on the device, so why do I get this error?

Please help :slight_smile:

… this is shown BECAUSE you have not changed anything …:wink: This firmware should solve your problem:

-International FAW Style A10 Firmware for the Prime 2 - #57 by pablo11

You can flash it manually. But you can also wait, this update should be available OTA soon.


Thanks @G1NT0N1C
Absolutely correct.

However, the warning he is getting is not because the firmware is rooted, more that it does not comply with security standards needed for Exchange to be happy.

You are correct by saying that the recently released version of firmware has fixed the vulnerability that causes the issue :+1::+1:

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Thank you both! This helps me alot!
I’ll wait a few days until I receive it OTA.

Just so you know… It might be more than a few days.
That is why we posted it here
Because they have a fair bit of work to do to configure the OTA.