Kospet Prime 2 low sound

The problem is that when I call or some1 call me their sound are pretty low but they say that they hear me very clear any idea what’s the problem?

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I use sound boosters apps to increase the sound and to add base to the music one good one is soundbooster

What about sound quality?
And what app u use?

sound ias good as long as you dont turn the sound gain too high or the sound becomes distorted , the app i use is called " Volume booster max " has a silver icon. you must though make sure its not running in battery saving mode ( battery options on watch ) or you will have to start the app again every time you boot up your watch.

How it works? Is it possible to make volume before some1 call? I just need that to hear loud and clearly ppl from watch.

the app just makes every sound louder , best way is to do a sound test by calling your voice mail , if the setting is too high then you will hear a distorted sound my setting is 11% boost music and calls sound loud and clear.

Tried but no difference

Sotry it did not work for you