Kospet Prime 2 loop restart

Hello Guys,

I bought Kospet Prime 2 couple of months ago but it was faulty, looping in restart. Sometimes it works but mostly it won’t unfortunately.

I requested a refund from the merchant and he did refund but did not collect the watch till now.

Just today he contacted me to collect it, but I want to keep it and try to fix it, I offered him to pay half of the cost and take the risk of fixing it

I see on Aliexpress there is replacement battery as well, not sure if the battery or firmware is the problem but I remember I updated the firmware and the problem has not been solved.

Any way Just want to ask you guys and from your experience if I should keep it and pay the money, or just to give it back to him

I am without a watch for like 5 months and I am wearing my old Casio G shock watch till now…

What do you think guys your thoughts will be much appreciated…


This can be a issue when moistire gets in the gap near the camera. Normally when the battery dies it corrects itself
Nothing to do with firmware or battery

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A possible cause of the boot loop is a defective flat cable on the folding camera. I had this problem with my Kospet Prime 2. I was able to solve it because, thank God, I still had a spare camera from a pre-production model.
If your problem is also caused by a defective flat cable, permanently disconnecting the camera could possibly solve the problem.

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I will open it and check

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dr Andy

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I am not a camera man even on mobiles so will disconnect the cable definitely and check

Thank you G1 for sharing your experience

I hope it will work for you.


Thank you :pray: