Kospet Prime 2 Locked into Clock face

Locked into clock .Reboot possible only to revert to the locked clock screen. Face shows Battery, incorrect time and date and setting icon. The clock is moving.

Try as this does work but you need to be fast ( keep trying ) . If all else fails we can guide you on flashing the firmware . Thanks


The watch has corrected itself when taking itself off charge. However to battery was at 60% on fault.

So its working fine now ?

Sometimes when the watch is charging it is hard to get it to open and will only work when swiping left to right. It seems to take several tries at times. I found it helps to start with your finger a little ways away from the very edge.

This sounds like a screen grounding problem. Try not to touch the screen while it is charging.

You should find that after a reboot and the watch is ON your wrist you wont have this issue . The P2 screen can stick when not being worn ( more than smaller watches ) .