Kospet Prime 2 Camera Connector on Mainboard for special application


I want to order a camera module with a longer flexcable (to go outside of the casing) and use it with the Kospet Prime 2 for a special application. Can someone share the pin assignment of the camera connector with me? (See picture)

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Thats ambitious to say the least :grin:

What are you hoping to achieve

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I want to mount the casing in a protection helmet (in the free space above the head) and the camera on the front of the helmet.

I think the only way how this is going to work would be a flex extension cable with the matching connector.

Something like this for example.


This would probably work but it is not the solution I am looking for. In fact if I could find out the pin assigment, there are suppliers that can reproduce the camera modul and the cable in a length which I could use.