Kospet prime 2 assistant

Any1 can recommend android assistant?
Can’t connect smartwatch to phone
Wii wear doesn’t work

Most people here in the forum uses Watch Droid.

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Do you know if smartwatch can use internet from phone through watch droid

No, that is not the function of the assistant programs.
If you’d like to use the internet from the phone, why don’t you simply create a WiFi hotspot on the phone and connect the watch ? No need for extra software, for what is standard function in the OS…


Or bluetooth tethering for internet, that is what I am currently using until I receive my new sim card

Unfortunately not all carriers, like AT&T I currently use allow you to use the hotspot function if you have their unlimited plan. Only if you are using a fixed plan.

but they can’t tell if you’re actually doing it, right?

i would get a message that said it was not available with an unlimited plan. But I stand corrected. Out of curiosity I attempted to set up the Hot Spot on my phone now and no longer got the message. I was able to set it up and connected my Lem 10 and access the play store. I don’t know if this is a change in their policy or just an anomaly.
Further research I found they did change their policy for some of their plans. I am on my daughter’s family plan so I don’t know actually which one she is on.

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I also think that blocking of WiFi sharing works on certain devices. I once had it on an iPhone, but never had it on my Android phones.