Kospet prime 2, android 10, faw v01 firmware not charging

My KP2 is not charging anymore, I had a hard time turning the watch on few days ago and it was still charging, now the phonewatch is turning on but not charging anymore. I have 3 charging cables and chargers, tried a power bank and cleaned the back charging pins with WD40, no sign of charging, any fix to this? My phonewathc still turns on but juice is empty.

Have you used a charging cable that didnt come with the watch ?


Yes, because I bought 2 pcs extra charging cable from online, the charging cables are identical to the original that came with.

From kospet ? I only ask as incorrect ones can damage the watch

Not from Kospet, I had the watch phone checked by a phone technician if the back panel connection is off, I will have it check again tomorrow. Today is a holiday in my area. I will give updates tomorrow.

Read the very top of this post . Thanks

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The wrong cable will definitely damage the watch because the Prime 2 has the opposite from regular cables.

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