KOSPET POWER Official Support Thread

Sadly the Kospet Prime mk1 seems to be end of life - for various reasons.
However, our friends at Kospet are releasing a replacement for this particular model - The Power.
It has very similar specifications as you can see below.
It is on sale now at a very reasonable price - however - they have made an error and say “wireless charging” on Gearbest.
It does not support wireless charging - they are meaning to refer to the power bank :slight_smile:

Currently on sale at Gearbest


i was really looking forward for the wireless charging feature.it would be so much better to charge my phone and watch with one charger.

I like this one. Nice, minimalist bezel and slim appearance and the really loud speaker on it. It’s interchangeable with the power dock for the LEM12/LEM12 PRO (exact same back side)

Yes it is a good watch.
We like it too.
Much like the original LEM 12 but a nicer casing I think :+1:

Yes, it’s a good watch.:+1:

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