Kospet Optimus Pro return to Kospet

I finally got the go ahead to return the defe rive watch to kospet. Was weeks and weeks of discussion but I sent the watch only to them yesterday. They said they will repair it and send it back.
Kospet was insistent that I take the watch to a local phone shop to try and repair it. I was like that’s never going to work. Can you imagine… Walking into a local phone shop and them fixing the screen, back button and camera problems? Anyways.

I think I’ll try pretty tenaciously to see if I can switch it for the new Prime that’s coming out.

On another note… I think I found a better solution to my super sweaty humid running problem… A rugged waterproof phone. The Doogee s40. Ip68/69k
Seems to me these watches are just too delecate for full on sweating.

The Prime looks great but can it perform? Is it actual ip67? If not, then it’s just not worth it.

I have a pair of cheap (20usd) ip67 bt headphones that are 1.5 years old and haven’t failed yet after countless dripping sweat and even the occasional accidental immersion in water. Just recently happened the other day in the ocean. Still they work.

A watch must be waterproof for rain or sweat or it’s just too delicate and I don’t care to have to worry about it.

Hope everyone is well!

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this watch is more a watch than a fitness bracelet

Definitely not a fitness bracelet.
Although kospet has assured me that the Optimus pro is ip67 and should have no problem with sweat or rain.
The watch I had didn’t last 2 weeks.
Maybe it was defective.

I love to run with music and be hands free, which is why I purchased the pro. It was great for 2 weeks, although I didn’t sweat during that time. First day of sweat, the camera had water inside, the back button stopped working and the screen stopped working correctly.

To be fair, these need to have that 5atm to be worth it. The Apple watch 5 can go swimming.
Quite frustrating how good the apple watch is compared to Android offerings. I would never go to an iPhone, so it’s not an option.

A watch is something that is always worn, so having to think about it while washing my hands or if it’s raining is just completely out of the question. What a hassle. A watch has to be waterproof to a certain degree.

yeah, it was on f’#¤"g time Kospet did something with it.
since my optimus died I got that new samsung watch.
in short, tizen is nowhere near being as good as android and 1.5 gigs of storage space that it has got is just laughable.
on the good side it looks pretty good, the lte function is great, health/fitness tracking more than OK and battery life is not too bad.
most importantly I don’t have to worry about water/sweat or it dying on me after a factory reset.
so no, I don’t like it too much, but I’m gonna use it until one of these chinese companies make a good/decent quality full android watch. I hope the wait won’t be too long, & in that hope I will be checking fullandroidwatch.com regularly :slight_smile:

have a good day sir

I’m using the Lem10 for running and its nothing short of amazing ( and trust me ) i have tried them all

it’s too ugly. it looks like a fat mutated apple watch

Haha . In your opinion . I love it , especially the premium metal body . Straps great too and no altering of screen :+1:

I agree Fuuz!
Kospet said they’ll repair and return but to be honest I’m not too interested anymore. Too delicate. Pains me that apple users are running around with 5atm. I don’t miss iTunes at all though.
I know they pay more… Which I am willing to do.
Yea Ive had a few android wear and a Tizen watch but yes the software and hardware is sad. 4gb storage… Which is really only 2.5gb which is incredibly weak.
Also transferring music to wear and Tizen is not easy at all. I tried everything.

Until the Chinese watch makers have ip68 or 5atm and… Bluetooth 5.0, I’ll pass.

The prime is tempting although it seems it’ll have same issues.

Curious about this Lem 10 now but only slightly.

My new phone arrived today and unlike a watch I am typing this post on it. There was just a huge tropical rain here in souther India and I took the doogee s40 out and it didn’t disappoint. Ip68/69 military spec shock.

This will be my new running music device for a while it seems. At 99 dollars it’s crazy good deal. I know it isn’t a watch but the watch was supposed to be set it and forget it, rain or shine.

So crazy that there are all these runners in the world, sub 2 hour marathon yet the only good music running watch is Apple watch.

Long winded!

If you need to know more about Lem10 for running etc let me know :wink:

I’m interested to hear if you were dealing with Aliexpress or whatever or Kospet direct?

I say this because I have posted direct email addresses for Kospet customer service and after reading the comments above it does not sound like Kospet customer support.

I’m pretty sure it’s kospet service. Because the person sent me the kospet Chinese shipping address plus was talking about getting it to their office for repair.
Funny enough, just when I opened this thread to reply I received a notification from kospet.

To be honest, now I am almost certain I won’t use it (the watch). I got a small rugged ip68/9k android 9 phone for 99 bucks. It’s much more usable and actually waterproof.

Ok, this is Aliexpress (Kospet official store but run by Aliexpress).

I thought it sounded unusual.
If you contact Kospet directly (I will publish the email address again but you can find it here somewhere. I think it is sales@kospet.com) and tell them that you have already spoken to us - you should get a quick response.

Obviously they will still need proof of purchase etc…

Hey Pablo,
Am I reading this correctly… You are saying I am not taking to kospet? Did I send the watch to aliexpress?
It seems like I am dealing with kospet by the way they are talking.

The latest from the communications.

What I said is that it sounds like you were talking to the Aliexpress store support team.
I have no idea if it was actually a Kospet employee but the way it works normally is:

Brands like lemfo, Kospet, Zeblaze etc have an official Aliexpress store.

This means that they own the “store” and it is their official merchandise and pricing.

However, as part of their service Aliexpress provides first level sales support.
A help desk…

Usually they will deal with obviously faulty or transit damaged goods, undelivered items etc…
They are Aliexpress staff.
This is part of their “as a service” deal for brands.

If they cannot deal with it or it becomes more complex - they contact the brand in question and discuss options.

They are a kind of “gate keeper” for sales support if you see what I mean?

There is nothing wrong with this and it is a globally accepted business model.

To be honest if you contact Kospet directly they will always say “please talk to the seller as a first step”

If you feel that you are not getting reasonable service from the “seller” and you have a legitimate claim - then you take it to Kospet directly.

Pretty much the same business model applies to Amazon, eBay and Banggood etc…

These are the logistics companies that enable these sales to happen.
So that brands like Kospet and Zeblaze etc don’t have to employ hundreds of people to deal with taking orders, packing, posting or returns.

When it comes down to who have you been talking to? It’s hard to say. It certainly would have started with the store.

I’m pretty sure that this is the case anyway.
There is a small chance that Kospet has to deal with ALL customers return requests but I doubt it.
I will have to confirm this.

But looking at the web address in your screenshot - it looks like Ali Help Desk.