Kospet Optimus Pro new user/some issues I hope to solve

I just got a Kospet Optimus Pro 3 GB RAM/32 GB storage and I am wondering about it not finding the most up to date firmware. IIRC, there must have been an update after the 3.0 / 2019 August 30. I have tried through the watch’s wireless update festure & in the Wiiwatch2 app after pariing the watch to my phone. Both claim my watch is already up to date. Is this right? Have there really been no updates for the Kospet Optimus Pro after August 2019? I know the Prime got some updates since then, but has the Optimus Pro been abandoned in favour of the Prime?

Also, the weather app is not updating automatically. I must manually refresh it every time I need weather information. How can I adjust the refresh rate of it? is it possible? Secondly, the Always Time display is updating the time only once every 3 to 4 minutes. I find this unacceptable on anything that can be called a watch. I have gotten around the issue a bit by merely setting the time 3 minutes ahead of the actual time, so my watch is never behind.

Background apps: Do these run the same as on phones? Are notifications from these supposed to come up just like on any Android 7.1 phone? Or is it normal to not get any notifications from apps installed on the watch?

I am coming from Wear OS/Android Wear, and before that Pebble & MetaWatch, so I am used to buggy behaviour at times.

Thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out.

1): Yes, I think it is the latest firmware.

2): go to Settings - more - Backround Cleaner. Tap on Battery Saver and disable all apps that should not sleep.

3): if you use the Universal Launcher instead of the Stock Launchers, this offers an always on feature that updates about once per second.

4): All apps that you have excluded from Battery saver AND have permission to send notifications will do this. Check the notification permission under Settings - More - Notifications.


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