Kospet optimus pro long life mode

Hey hey.
I turned my watch into long battery life mode and now i cant turn it back to normal mode… Anyone seen this before?
Thanx in advance.

Watch from 53.15 seconds

Yes i se how its supposed to work, but i can press any buttons and all that happens is it switches between 3 different screens… How can i turn it of??

You have to stay pressed on the button until it shut down if I remember correctly

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long press on the bottom button leads to a menu where you can specify the mode of operation. You can switch to normal mode by long pressing the top button.

Thats ok,thanx. I removed the battery to turn it of…

Hello to me, the same thing happens to me … What happens is that when the watch has been in long standby mode for many hours it no longer starts in normal mode until you put it to charge, even if you press either of the two buttons it does nothing apart to switch between screens i guess its a software problem. Thank you

i put my optimus pro into long battery life mode every night and it switches back with no problems but make sure your not on the heart rate screen when you long press the top button and keep hold of the button until the screen goes blank

works for me every day

Hi, that’s what I used to do before, but since the last firmware update when it is in long standby mode for more than 15 hours, it no longer starts up in normal mode until it starts to charge the battery.

Never had any problems with the low power mode , its only a pain that you reboot the system to get back to the full mode , if you read the text before you enter low power it tells you how to go back to full mode