Kospet Optimus pro connection problem

I am facing connection problem in my Kospet Optimus pro watch.I am unable to connect/pair with my Samsung A7 2018 phone. I have two times factory reset my watch. Still receiving the message that Unable to connect. I want to connect through Watch Droid phone and Watch Droid assistant. Although through bluetooth it is paired with my phone through bluetooth.
Any help hugely appreciated

I also have a Samsung A7 and have no problems. It is not clear, if you are connecting the watch to the phone via BT first. Once that connection is made you can connect WD to your phone in the Assistant app. You also need to make sure in the Phone app that you select the correct device to connect.
I think there is a video showing how to make the connection on You Tube site.


And also dont forget to turn watchdroid off in " battery saver " in watch to keep connection

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…and you should do the same on your mobile.

May be a mobile issue reset your cache and data in Bluetooth and restart phone should work after that.

Where I can find the link of connection video

All you have do is search on YouTube.
Here is the link to the one made by the developer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jQ6CeQs-8Y
Here is one by holandeca 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWehjB0RGGk

It would be helpful if you walked us through the exact steps you take to connect.