Kospet Optimus 2 water resistance

So, I have owned numerous FAW’s over the past few years, starting with the ticwris Max, then the MAX S, then the LEM14, then LEM15, and also the Kospet Optimus 2. To make a long story short, after a 1 minute soak took out my LEM14 I have written off the idea of waterproof, but would like to know I can take my watch out in the rain. It was sprinkling when I had my Optimus 2 outside one day, that night I noticed it had fog in the camera, I turned the flash on for awhile and heat took care of the issue in a couple of hours. Everything was fine until a couple of days later when I wanted to use the flash as a flash light and it was on but very dim. I contacted support and their best solution was for me mail it off for repair. I opted not to. I can see where there is a gap under the bezel then the camera is facing up.I assume this is where my water got in, anyone try putting a think layer of caulk or attempted any self water proofing of these things?

It was not designed to be waterproof and should be treated the same as a regular mobile phone.
I understand that it can be frustrating but I would have no idea how you would try to make it waterproof yourself.
Without damaging something I mean.
My advice would be to put it in your pocket if you are caught in the rain.


Thanks, I have decided to go with this watch again despite its short comings, hopefully I won’t regret it.


I finally received it in the mail(Optimus 2) Its the pro+ with the 128GB too. I was wondering what the latest FAW software was for this guy as I changed jobs and grabbed the wrong file when I was grabbing files off of my old computer.

You need to follow the instructions in the Optimus 2 support thread and check the FAW firmware thread.
To use the FAW firmware you have to flash v1.7 stock opt 2 firmware on your watch using the sp flash tool.
After that you can use the FAW update zip.

Thanks for the reminder. I knew I was forgetting something