Kospet Optimus 2 Warranty

Did enyone had allready some expirence with Kospet Warranty?. My optimus 2 Died after 3 months. Okay it happens. not a problem, but…
the problem started with the warranty. I wrote to Kospet that my watch died ( it got hot and the touchscreen stopped to work. suddenly the battery was empty and no way to load anymore).
I was writing with them for 2 weeks. They told me i didn’t by them by Kospet ( even when I send them my order number payment confirmation on paypal) at the end they said i have to send it to hong kong. what i also did ( had to pay for it by my self 22€). The package arrived by Kospet at 13 .12. 2021 and since then no answer no reaction on emails.
The warranty service sucks.
Be careful with Kospet
(so sad because the watch was really great)

Hmm, normaly the customers Service from Kospet is great. I’m sure that @pablo11 can help to solve this problem.

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@m_d Can you send me details (screenshots or emails) of the chat you have has with Kospet please?
I also need to see the web address of where you purchased it and the order number.
This is most unusual for Kospet and so I will follow it up.

Which email address are you using to talk to Kospet?

You can send the details to me at zappa1.pf@gmail.com


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