Kospet Optimus 2 started sending spam messages!

Anybody had a similar problem with Optimus 2 ?

After a long time of usage suddenly my Kospet Optimus 2 watch started sending internal junk messages.

I took out the SIM card and disabled all the connections, WIFI, Bluetooth etc. still it was sending these annoying short messages.

They are sent randomly and buzzing all the time, simply he watch is unusable like that !

After that I did factory reset and erased all the data apps etc. As soon as it is setup and open, it started to send the messages again. No Internet connection or whatsoever.

Here are some examples of the messages, as I live in a German speaking country, it sends in German.

They all come with the sender as Phone

von Nicole

Du hast einen neuen Fruendschaftsvorschlag: Sofya Prodan

(aldrit.8052): Folge241,ana-stasja und weiteren Personen, die du kennst, um ihre Fotos und Videos anzusehen

Profitieren von bis zu CHF30…

lots of junk like this !

I have never heart about this problem before, but flashing the firmware will help:

-KOSPET_Optimus2_PIX_V1.4_20210707.rar - Google Drive

Here is a tutorial how to do it:

-Flashing tutorial 2020 - Google Drive

Here are the tools you need:

-Flashing Tools.zip - Google Drive

Have you tried to root your watch by using rooting apps?


I just flashed the ROM now and will test it for some time without any Internet connection or any app install… Thanks

If you reinstall the apps, you should do it app by app. So you can identifier the app which triggers the problem.

Hello :slight_smile: @metinsoke has a Optimus 2 and the firmware you provide is for optimus pro. Are they compatible ?

I think the problem was from the GaoFit Android app which runs on my phone and connects to my Watch !

As soon as it is paired it sends these junks push notifications to the watch. Even if you turn off Bluetooth somehow they continue to some. May be from the cache etc.

Anyway I uninstalled this bloody GaoFit app, it is a piece of junk anyway

Is there any other app that can be used with Kospet Opyimus 2 ?

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Use watchdroid . There is a whole thread about it on this forum . Great app and stable :+1:

Unfortunately the problem came back after sometime !

Really spooky !

I resinstalled ROM, did factory reset, uninsalled GaoFit from my mobile phone, and no wifi connection in my watch and no bluetooth, so just initial state after installing ROM and I got the junk message again

After the install, what I did only was to set the date and time

I started to feel that these are coming from the ROM itself.

I will try to reinstall the ROM again and this time will not touch any setting at all. Lets see what happens this time.

It should be ok after flashing the firmware. I corrected the firmware link. Please use “firmware update” instead of “download only” in the flashtool.

They are different I downloaded and installed the correct one, following is the latest one which I downloaded and installed


after the installation I didnt update the date time and till now there is no messages coming up.

I will now update the date time and will test some time like that also.

Update: If anyone have the same problem please read for the solution

Even after flashing the firmware problem still continued without any app installed, without any connection activated!

This means that the issue is deep inside the ROM itself !

Problem was with this bloody message provisioning package OMACP which is a dangerous component. Somehow after sometime it is activated and sending lots of junk messages, you can read about this package in the Internet.

Here is the solution:

First install OEM USB driver for your device. (You can install the app suite for your mobile phone, most probably it will work for your watch too, I did installed HiSuite for Huawei)

Enable USB debugging on your phone and connect it to the PC with data cable

In File explorer goto the android sdk platform tools directory in your Windows, like for example c:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools

Shit+right click on the directory and open in Power Shell command line


./adb shell
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.mediatek.omacp

Once the package is removed restart your watch and you will get rid of from this bloody app !