Kospet Note charging problem

My Kospet Note is not charging and I’m not sure what the problem is. Does anybody know how I can test the charging lead? The watch charged normally last Friday but when I connected the charger on Monday nothing happened. The power has run down completely now, so I can’t try a factory reset. I could order a new charging lead, but it would take about six weeks to get to me from China. The lead is very expensive (about 17 euro including postage) and it would be very wasteful if it still won’t charge with the new lead.
I contacted Kospet and got an acknowledgement but no help. I have bought the watch last March, so the warranty is almost out.
I would appreciate any help with this issue.

The first thing I do when I have a problem with making a connection is to clean the contacts on the watch with alcohol. If they are corroded I will use a pencil eraser to clean them. It has worked 99.9% of the time. Even if they don’t look dirty.

Thanks Jonathan. The first thing I did was check the contacts… I have now cleaned them with white spirit and nothing has change.

You could test the charging lead with a voltmeter when it is plugged in. Usually the two outer contacts supply the voltage. One + the other -. They should read approximately 5V. I use a USB inline voltmeter to charge my devices. It gives you the voltage, current and mah being supplied to the watch. If you don’t have a good connection it reads 0.


Thank you I will try that. I didn’t know which contacts to check. I will keep you informed.

Hi Jonathan.
On closer inspection of the charging deck it appears that one of the outside contacts is shorter than the rest and the plastic at the base of that contact has bulged up slightly. I wonder could that have been caused by excessive heat during charging? Anyway, I feel confident enough now that I have found the oroblem and to go ahead and order a new.charging lead/deck.
Thanks for your advice.

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