Kospet new watches

Does anyone know if kospet no longer exists? no one releases new watches?

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And with a nice new Logo :+1:

They have been making the Rock and Rock Pro, which they promote eagerly on Facebook, but no Full Android watches unfortunately.


Everything will be slow for longer than expected

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Yes, that is my point.

Any reason?
On Banggood I cant find even old models like prime, optimus…
Very weird I think.

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it’s only been about a year since the optimus 2 was released, and I don’t think a year is too long to go between releases


History has not been like that. Not only kospet.
I think this market of Full Android watches is getting too slow, when there is still a lot to improve.
I also think that the price has gone up a lot which in my opinion will kill this market.
But it’s just my opinion.

Its like a lot of things at the moment . Sourcing parts is a nightmare . However hopefully these problems wont last forever . You may see a new watch today ? Who knows :grin: