Kospet earbuds quality

Any1 tried this kospet’s earbuds??
Cause anything I buy sound disaapearing than appearing it’s really annoying.
Any1 can recommend good earbuds ?

Sorry to say I have not tried the Kospet earbuds.

I am responding simply to mention that I have gone awaynfr9m earbuds completely for use with my watch, as there are inherent issues with anything that sits in your ear and not always an electronic connection problem. As the out side of an ear moves it can change the position of the earbud relative to the ear canal and produce a transient loss of volume etc.

I have enjoyed using these as an alternative: OpenRun Pro Sport Headphones - Engineered for Sound | Shokz Official

Another option that doesn’t sit in your ear could be : https://www.oladanceshop.com/

As they sit on top of your ear. All are BT 5+ so battery drain and connection is quite good.

Hope this helps. I don’t know of anyone who has used the earbuds you have mentioned.

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@Armen_Tangyan do you have the watch tethered to your phone at the same time?