Kospet brave dont recharge

hello, good afternoon, my name is Igor and recently i buy an kospet brave.
This smartwatch is good but the system of recharge sucks.
when smartwatch lost all charge, its impossible to recharge it again.
How to do it?
and this system of contact to recharge is poor, the sweat oxidizes the contacts and dont recharge.
do you have an solution to this?

Try a little alcohol and clean the charging pins - points . Thanks

and still dont working

i just made that and i used one blade to scrape the pins.
every time i have to made that and its no good, agree?

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Scraping the metal isnt a good idea . It maybe possible the battery is disconnected inside ? You could open up the watch and check but you will have no warranty . Thanks

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I would suggest cleaning them with a pencil type eraser.

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ill try this, but, i want to delivery my insatisfaction with this kind of recharge in smartwatches.
its no good, or this should have a lid. wrong project for brave

i dont have tecnology to open the smartwatch and i think its no good idea.

Much better then scraping the pins…

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dont work. I rubbed the contacts and nothing. wasted money

Have you open the watch and clean the inner contacts?
I do not make this suggestion for fun, but because it solves the problem in most cases.

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Now I saw the screws in the picture but mine has a kind of cap on them. At home I will try to open. Thanks.

the smartwatch is sealed.

man, the smartwatch is closed. there is no lid to open. ip68.

Have you flash it ? It helps. Then try many times to put on charge for 1 min until it works.

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im made that and, so: the back cover is already cracked. i got it. recharge the smartwatch.
but, really, i am not satisfied with the quality of this watch.

no. im not tried this yet

one time i asked about try to put the rom of hope in a brave. what do you think?

The brave is android 6 , The hope is 7.1.1 . And if it was possible it wouldnt help your battery problem . I would flash as eric suggested

understand. so, im got recharge and i wont wait the next problem. ill sold this smartwatch and never buy other kospet. thanks for all.