Kospet 2 Camera poor design

The Prime flip camera is innovative but isn’t poor design

  1. The mechanism is very fragile, the link cable will fail sooner or later.
  2. The lens hits on the surface wherever you naturally rest your wrist.
  3. it looks very intrusive and intimidating when it points to anyone in front of you

A dual camera design as the Prime but positioned as that of Prime 2 will be better

So you are talking about a issue , that isnt a issue , that hasnt happened yet and may never happen ?

For you information so far apart from one known user with a hardware issue we have had no complaints .


And it’s a hella high quality camera!


Well, he said, it isn’t a poor design. :innocent:


I noticed that, too.:wink: Joke aside: It’s the only smartwatch with a true 13mp cam atm. I I think it will be the only one for a long time.

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I think he meant " it is a bad design " . Just his english got a little mixed up :wink:

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In my experience, most people doesn’t even notice the camera


The genesis is the same way only other one with 12’ o’clock camera. Even after a year of bumping my wrist on doorways and normal usage. I’ve got one tiny scratch on the lens. The glass is pretty strong and I’ve never noticed any scufs to affect picture quality

I almost always have to point out the cameras people don’t even see it when it’s staring them in the face :man_shrugging:t3:

Only time people think anything of it is when I’m taking a picture or video

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i just feel in all honesty a front camera is useless cuz not only are phones a mill times better it also doesnt consume as much battery as the watch.keeping one great camera pointing forward like the genesis is the best. just my opinion

In my Kospet Prime 2, the camera fogged up on the inside several times. It happened while working in the garden. Only after a few hours at room temperature did everything return to normal.

It looks like you are a prophet …
A few days ago the camera in my Kospet 2 started working in one position, yesterday it stopped working at all. The Camera app tells me that it can’t find your camera.

What camera app are you using

check your heart rate sensor. if the heart rate is in use it will not let the camera run.

An interesting thing, it turns out that the heart rate sensor also stopped working. After starting the heart rate monitoring application, the sensor that emits the green light does not turn on.
I think I’ll play a watchmaker and look inside what’s going on there :slight_smile:

I am using the factory camera application.

Just FYI… My camera lens had condensation on the inside. I realized it when I went to take a picture and it was blurry. I looked at the lens under magnification and could see tiny water droplets. I shut it off and let it sit overnight in a warm dry room. This morning it cleared up and is working fine. I have worn it every day for at least a month. I may have washed my hands with it on. Warning to others…take it off if you are going to be anywhere near water. I wish they would have made it at least slightly water resistant. I’m afraid it is going to fail due to it being easy to get moisture inside the camera module. It needs a better design!

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My camera is basically dead and they said water infiltration. App opens, sit there for a bit , then closes. One of the reasons I bought this watch is now useless. I’ve had about 2 months. I’ve had it on while hand washing and in the rain. Very disappointing…

Have you already tried to dry the watch? This works best if you put the watch in a bag of rice and place it in a warm place for at least 2 days. For example on a sunny windowsill. Ideally with the SIM tray open.

I recommend the original fullandroid watch rescue rice:

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That made me LOL big time :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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