Kospect Prime Pro Watch Faces

Good Day
I would like to use a watch face on my No.1 D5 watch on my Kospect Prime Pro Watch.
Any suggestions whether this would be possible?
Thanks Alan

This one is an easy one. You can rebuild it in “Watch Face Designer” within 2 min, you’ll find some how to videos on our YouTube Channel.
We don’t allow to publish Kospet Stock faces here, but it’s ok to do it for your own use.


Thanks for the suggestion but I do not want build a watch face but just get one the same as on the No.1 D5 cheers

Then I can not help you. Nobody here is allowed to copy and publish it. In some cases it is possible to extract the stock faces. But the effort would be many times higher than to build it…


I have this that i made but never published if you want a copy ? Not the same but similar


I will publish officially if you like it . Thanks

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Thank you so much for your support on this topic. I have found some faces ( see screenshot) I sent the files to my phone via my app watch but do not know how to apply them so they will activate. I have attached a standard one I found and am happy how it looks :slight_smile: All the very best Alan
Unfortunately I am not allowed to attach images but can email them if you provide the details ;(

Hi allan . Your post is a little confusing . The whole idea is to get the clockskins to your watch ( not phone ) , to begin with anyway . Check out our youtube video

Yes I meant watch :wink:

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