Kobe - In Memoriam

As requested by @irohunk


CREDIT: A lifetime of thrills


Thanx bro. Thanx a tonn.
Just 1 more request - could you please change the date - it should be 1978 - 2020


I should have looked it up rather than subtracting 41 from 2020 :disappointed_relieved:

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Done…Yes it is

Kobe endorsed a line of watches I think.

Thanx a tonn bro.


Thanks a lot , Doubledad, you preceded me, I wanted to make a legend tribute face for Kobe now, after reading the news here, and I found this.
I can’t do anything better than this.
we consider Kobe half Italian and a great person.And his daughter,Gianna Maria,a tragedy.
R.I.P. and Respect.
thks again :sob: :pray: :basketball_man:

I appreciate your response! BTW, are you located in Italy?

yes,I am in Italy.