Knight rider (K2000) clockskin

Hi . i m looking for the knight rider theme. I try to find it but … nothing

thanks !!! 

i see that skin her :

Thanks … i see the all long long page … but nothing

I have this skin on my computer, i have it on the link below or on this :
I don’t know how to post the skin ?

Hello members I have searched high and low for this clockskin but with no success.

Clockskin us the site is down and all the google plus links are invalid.

Anyone has the file still on his computer ? Thank you

You can find it by using the search function:

-Today I want to share this clock face


Got the file now thanks I didn’t see the subtopics with using the search functions.

Can you please give me link to download this watch face? the given link is not working

It is working ? I have just tried it

I can’t access it either. It says link requires acces approval (maybe he allowed you Dr ?), and I requested that weeks ago, with no result…



I clicked on the link @G1NT0N1C posted above . Not the original link . Works fine with no permission


Thank you, that works

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No Problem!

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Sorry to hijack the thread since we are talking abt old school watch faces does anyone have the “back to the future” clockskin somewhere on his drive? Thanks so much!



Download: - Google Drive

There are many, this is the one I’ve got.


Close but looking for this one: