KingWear KW99 doesn't work at all

After rebooting the watch stopped at “android” sign. I disconnected battery - same sign - “android”.





Sept 7, 2017 14:57:12 GMT 1 AlexSadov said:

what did you do before it happened?

Nothing! I just noticed that display blinking when I try to change the watch skin. So I decide reboot the watch and it didn’t upload.

Try to flash firmware (you can find it somewhere here) and see if that helps. If not than it might be some hardware malfunction

Until I couldn’t find firmware for KW99. Besides I am not the computers guru and I do not believe in my capability to reanimate the watch.

Tried to look here: /thread/18/ ? :wink:

The watch is dead. Easy come, easy go. Life goes on.

Sept 8, 2017 7:44:05 GMT 1 AlexSadov said:
The watch is dead. Easy come, easy go. Life goes on.

no, it is'nt:) as long as it turns on it can be fixed.

most likely a custom Watch Face that you downloaded did that and you might deleted a watchface that cause that.

  1. download this FW from here: /thread/18/kw88-firmware (be careful to download the one on top).

  2. it is easy to flash really easy:) 

  3. download sp flash tool: (mine is 16.44 v.)

  4. download vcom drivers and install them:

  5. flashing FW (firmware):  open sp flash tool, go to scattering files locate the txt rom file and choose it (the whole tables should be filled) 
                                            choose download only.
                                            press download.
                                            turn off the watch and connect it to the computer and flashing should start and at the end you should see green v.

That’s it:)
use these videos to understand what to do:  

Thank you!
I will try.

Sept 9, 2017 4:56:22 GMT 1 AlexSadov said:
Thank you! I will try. Maybe.

trust me, it is'nt hard and all is done in less than a minute:)

I believe you but my capability in this field is very low. However I will try.

Sept 9, 2017 14:06:57 GMT 1 AlexSadov said:

i'm happy you've done it:) remember you must be on stock face when you want to delete watch face from the folder, you can't be on a custom WF.

I remember this rule since I got my first smartwatch finow x5. The point is that I deleted nothing!