Kenetic Art Watch - WIP

Hey, Y’all. Ryoshi is back. I am working on an idea for a new watchface. Unfortunately, I am also looking at moving again within the next 2-3 months. To make matters worse, my laptop died, so no WFD ATM. That means, for the time being, this idea is purely conceptual. I have no ETA for a new laptop, for now.

All that being said, my idea is this: I want to use 2 layers of spirals going in opposite directions. Every hour, the appropriate hour will be revealed. I also want to find a creative way to include the seconds and minutes into the face. Once I get back up and running, it’ll probably take a while to figure out the logic of it. I have a couple of ideas if the first doesn’t pan out. Should be interesting, tho.

Anyways it’s nice to be back and I am open to any ideas or suggestions to potentially incorporate.

Note: Suggestions and ideas may or may not be used. If I don’t use your idea or suggestion, please don’t take offense. I may be used in a future build…with your permission, of course.

Peace, y’all! :v:t2:

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Good that you’re back, @Nicholas_Herczeg! :+1:

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