K9 (W812) Firmware

K9 date unknown (link)
Changes- Original Firmware
Compatible with other watches- D5, X1, X3
Notes- none
Bug List
Clockskin Engine Bugs
1- “startangle” and “angle” have no effect on battery dials (and maybe other dials as well)
2- “direction” values are not limiting themselves to one dial which requires you use a value of 2 to get the next dial to rotate as value 1
3- Weather info will be incorrect from time to time unless time zone is set manually

Apps Bugs
1- Weather app often requires WiFi be on but not connected to get an update
2- One can start a timer on the stock clock app via Google voice command but cannot access it as everything except “Alarms” is locked out.

Firmware Bugs
1- Google syncs no longer work over a 2G connection (2G data still works though)
2- Stock keyboard will not use Google voice search as an input method
3- Stock keyboard uses “Speech Keyboard” for voice input which never connects to server

Phone Bugs
1- (When used as a standalone with simcard inside) Sometimes, in the uncovered areas or with poor signal, the phone freezes. The signal streng indicator freeze, and the network search does not work. To reset you need to turn on and off airplane mode or power cycle the phone. This happens with both 2g and 3g network.