Just to add something about bluetooth calls.

Just to add something about bluetooth calls.
Sellers deliberately not saying clearly nothing about calls via bluetooth. They just say it can make calls, not saying “only with SIM card”.

This is copy/paste from gearbest:
Bluetooth calling: Phonebook
Messaging: Message checking
Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Pedometer
Remote control function: Remote music
Notification: Yes
Notification type: Facebook
Other function: Alarm,Barometer,GPS,WiFi

I would NEVER bought any watch which is incapable of doing such basic thing like receiveing or calling via BT.

IMHO, that is fraud.

Cheers !

Yes - this is a problem and has led to many an unhappy customer…

I found another bug, regarding mobile networks.
I live in state border region, and have manually selected my mobile operator, but stupid watch switch to roaming, despite i have selected my operator manually.

And it keep switching to better signal, smartwatch ( or should i call it stupid watch ), even it is foreign country mobile network.

I’am really surprised how many seroius sw bugs this half-product have.

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Just for the record I thought that too but I got a ‘Three’ sim, put 6Euro on it and it costs 4cents per min. Useful for an emergency phone. It should last for months. Only have to make one call per 6 months to keep SIM active.

That’s ok, but in my case mobile network doesn’t work well. Roaming problem described in my prevous post. Another problem is wifi/3g switching, doesnt’work well. Main problem is very buggy and uncompleted and abandoned firmware. And i really don’t understand why the bluetooth calls isn’t implented in sw. That is not hw problem, just sw.

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@Tomislav_Levakovic yes - it’s because they do not use a complete bluetooth stack and don’t develop the solution for it.