Just realized KW88 seems to copy tag heueur connected.

Just realized KW88 seems to copy tag heueur connected. Similar except the KW88 bezel made from plastic and not embossed. It will be great if it is embossed although plastic.

i prefer the kw88 over the TAG Heuer everyday, costs 10 times less than the TAG and gives more than it.

That’s why I bought it @sonia_sophie_ataunna ​.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna You can’t compare these two, or are you comparing a Rolex with a Timex? :smiley: But i got your point.

You can compare because in the end the tag and kw88 are just mini computers with very similar operating systems. It’s not like Swiss watchmakers are putting it together and for the money I can’t believe the kw88 screen is better.

The housing of the TAG ist MUCH more advanced, the strap is much better and the display is like the moto360 Sport. Overall the whole build quality is not comparable :smiley:

The functions of course are very limitied, as all smartwatches, and so i stick with my Cal 36 RS and sold the “electric” TAG :smiley:

Have to agree that cal I’d very nice and worth every penny , but build quality is not enough to justify there price they are milking people of there money because of a brand which I think is a rip of and hate companies like that.

any link for this watch face ?