Just ordered this one...let's try it out

Yeah, sadly not surprising.
It is not a great loss though.
You can get something much better for that kind of money.
A device that doesn’t have these drawbacks:

The other issue is that yet again, the specifications for this product are almost all incorrect. Worse, the advertising materials are deliberately showing false information. Which is why we no longer have anything to do with them.
Misleading customers is one of our pet hates.
Especially if they refuse to fix the details after being informed.

It’s important stuff too.
Water proof specifications…

It’s this sort of thing that gives full Android watches from China a bad reputation.
Sorry to hear about the watch @cabeleira

I would recommend the krospet prime 2 if you could find it.

Yeah, but the only Prime 2 “like” devices that you can find are using a different chipset, different (rubbish) Android 8 or 9 firmware and are also extremely unreliable. They also cannot accept or use custom watch faces.

So, forget about the Prime 2.

The Kospet Optimus 2 is a good device, but again, it is no longer being made and so if you can find one - it is lucky.

Always check with us here first if you find something, and we will confirm if it is a piece of trash or worth buying.
There are hundreds of totally useless devices on Aliexpress and Alibaba and many people end up wasting their money because they are fooled by the “glamorous” advertising :pensive:

It is the Autumn festival in China at the moment.
Maybe it is best to wait for a couple of weeks after the festival holiday and see if anything new is available.

If you are absolutely set on buying the Prime 2, I might be able to get one from Lokmat…but unlikely.
They got a lot of left over stock from the factory after Kospet stopped selling it, and they sold quite a lot of them.
It’s exactly the same as the Prime 2 but has Lokmat brand name on it.
However, I have to say that it’s not to everyone’s taste.
It’s a fantastic device, but it’s over 2 inches in diameter and it certainly looks as big as it sounds.

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Hi . Have you posted this in the wrong thread ?

yes, i think so,sorry.

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No worries :+1:

Do you think Rogbid are also making up the battery capacity as they say 1050 mAh where as the Lokmat version says 750 mAh ?

Its a shame as i was also going to get one of these as really need a 2 inch square smart watch as my eyes are not as good as they used to be at 50 years old.

My Prime 2 is always in square mode which loses a lot of screen real estate from all 4 sides. If there is a big square watch on the horizon then i will also wait it out a little longer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Without a doubt. The Lokmatt specs are much more accurate. I have the Rogbid version and the battery management isnt great at all


i finally cracked…i ordered a lokmat appllp 3 max (in red) anyway…same as the rogbid model X
i know you guys said it is a bad watch, but i could not resist the square screen…and its beautifull in red with the red sides and a red display :smile:
it is on its way from china and should arrive in a couple of days…i’ll give it a good run for it’s money, and if it’s as bad as you guys say, i will put it up for sale again…

it’s only money… :rofl: :upside_down_face: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


It will be interesting to see if it has raised screws on the face and cracked straps ( where the are fixed to the body ). Let us know


They are exactly the same.
Made by the same factory and branded to be sold as whoever is marketing it.
I have access to the firmware and there is no difference between.
Meaning that battery and other specs are the same on all.
Enjoy :+1:

PS one thing that can be slightly different is the case.
Nothing else.


Received the AppLlp3 max, and have been playing with it a few days now.
Here’s my 2 cents about it, having read the problems you guys had with your similar Rogbid model X…

-build quality is very good…no cracks in the band, no screws sticking out…
-i had no problem with the sim card…slotted in right away and has worked from day one…
-screen is very responsive, altough near the 4 corners it can be a bit hit or miss…(as any border on any watch)
-i only use 1 google account so have not tested this issue…
-the cameras both work ( i tested but that’s it…i NEVER take pictures with my watch and would not mind a watch without this useless feature)
-i could install my personal clockskins without UL…
-battery is good but no as good as my Optimus 2 (it is smaller)

is it worth 200€??? for me it is…it’s about the same price of my Optimus2

it has less batterylife than the Opt2 but nothing can compare to seeing your apps on a rectangular screen…and it looks bloody good in red i think…

anyway, that’s my idea…just wanted to share



Glad you like it :+1:
The Rogbid is exactly the same as this.
The factory makes it and the brands sell it.
I sincerely hope that you have a really good experience with it :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Good to hear your experience was better than mine :+1:


hi, a quick question…
i am trying out a new setup…only using sim card data connections…so no wifi, no bluetooth…
it is working very well, and battery is much better…
now that bluetooth is off, i stopped using watch droid to get the messages on my watch…

i installed all notifications on my watch, and they all work fine when a message comes in…i get the sound, but the screen does not turn on, so i have to push the button each time i want to see the message…

i think everything is set up as it has to be…background cleaner is off…apps are able to work in the background, etc…

any ideas how to make screen turn on when notifications come in?


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Notification bright screen” in display options


YESSS…you are the man…thanx (again) for saving the day :clap: :clap:

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Phew, thanks Doc…
That was a tricky one :grin::+1:

Ok i was also in a similar position to jesax but i paid even less i got it on the Black Friday deal i paid £140 UK English British Pounds lol

I have always had smart watches even the ones before the Android os ones they were like the very first mobile phones with a colour screen no apps just voice call and text message from the early 2000’s any way

Mine arrived with all 4 strap screws cracked on the band and one even had been threaded ?

The watch face store is a real let down no were near as good as the ones you get with the kospet hope and prime 2 how can i get those kind of faces on this thing .

my 1 and only google account works ok i have noticed the lights on the bottom that detect blood pressure they turn on and off at random times i noticed when i put it on a shelf when i went to sleep. Thats not going to help battery life.

But the biggest let down is i am sure its suppose to be a 2 inch by 2 inch square screen it is no were near its only just a bit larger than my kospet hope.

The reason i got my prime 2 was because of the 2 inch large screen . but i always have to leave it in square mode to access certain app functions. thats the main reason i wanted this watch because of its large 2 inch square screen?

I recently found my Omate True Smart in a drawer long forgotten about .
The battery was long blown dead . but the spare one i got with it i was amazed it charged right up. apart from the really old android os its work totally fine. i am amazed at how the the battery life is compared to the modern day chinese smart watches.

its not letting me upload any pictures ? i get a error you cant embed pictures in a post or something ?