Just ordered Lem 11 (3/32)

From Ali-Express for $97US. After watching Mr. Ticks review decided it would be worth seeing what it is all about at that price.


I am using one at the moment . Used for about three weeks . Let me know if you need any help :+1:


I just ordered one for $81, 3+32G one. I proudly own LEMT as well. Please let me know if you have the latest (1) firmware (2) TWRP recovery for LEM11.

Also since it supports Micro USB, do you know if it supports OTG pen drive as well ?

Good buy :+1: . You will find no issues with the latest installed firmware . It is super fast . No i do not have the TWRP recovery or firmware for this watch . However you can request it on this forum . Enjoy your new watch

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Did any one try Lemfo LEMT firmware on LEM 11 ? Does it work ?

Havent tried it and have no reason to .

Why would you want to?


Thanks for asking the right question. I should have mentioned it before though… So here’s the reason. I spent almost about a week in installing my favorite apps, setting them up, rooting, customizing watch faces, launchers, home screen, shortcuts, twrp what not…on Lemfo Lemt. So I thought of reusing them all with out spending another week to repeat. Given that both are square, 7.1.1 and mtk6739 I thought it should be possible so was checking if someone attempted already…

I know this is quite late. I’m sorry for this, but you can simply copy all SD card data to your PC and then move that to your new phone…