Just got a Kospet Prime

Absolutely loving it so far. I had an Optimus before which I liked. But I’m really a fan of the bigger watches (I have a small Invicta collection of big, heavy watches).

The only thing that is not working is the heart rate monitor. Just fails out when on my wrist. I can get it to work with a finger on the sensor on the back. I don’t love that it’s not working, but I can prolly live with it. Don’t feel like messing with Banggood to get a refund.

What other big watch recommendations would y’all make to me?

Hi mark and good to see you back again . I’m assuming you are on the latest firmware and after installing performed a full factory reset . This would normally cure this . Some users with a lot of hair on the arm can have this issue . Apart from the lem12 you have the best large screen watch to date . Thanks

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Try a Rollme S08.
Big big screen, great cameras and really waterproof ip68! The best for me right now.

@Rugeno, I’m having a hard time with the claimed specs on the Rollme S08. It claims a 3560mAh battery! That’s almost three times the battery capacity of the Kospet Prime - which was already one of the highest capacity batteries in a smartwatch. They also claim an 8MP front camera. Does yours seem that high of resolution? Same as the side camera resolution?

Knowing a fair bit about battery Milliamp hour claims versus size of the battery I don’t see how the battery can have that much capacity. Unless they have a whole new battery chemistry in it. I do see that the battery claim on some sale sites may be different than the Rollmelive.com web site. They refer to 1360 mah with a 2200mah charging compartment? Not sure what that is about but I doubt the watch has 3560 mah by itself. Thoughts?

Battery is 1360mah and have a charger/power bank with 2200mah.
Cameras are both 8mp.
See Mr Ticks YouTube review.

I understand now on the battery. Hopefully the camera is a bit better than the Kospet Prime which I have trouble understanding how it can be an 8MP (5MP interpolated) based on comparing the picture it takes with other smart phones I have which have a 5MP camera. Seems to me it is closer to a 1.3MP camera in the Kospet but the number of pixels say it is 8MP. However I suspect those numbers can be manipulated in the firmware.

Anyway thanks for mentioning this watch. My bank account is now at minimum :man_facepalming:

  • just ordered one. :roll_eyes: at myself. :+1:
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