Jolly Roger new skin in my collection

Jolly Roger

new skin in my collection… another dark watch :slight_smile:

Jolly Roger, a Special Edition of the Luminox US Navy SEALs watch

Credit to luminox:

This is my version of this watch.
Free to use for this community.
Battery and day indication with cool dark face.
Little unusual colors, but I like it. :wink:
Work on x/+ series watches, and tested in my Y3, with unilaucher too.



@Fabio_Rock This was my choice, for the colors.

Looks great, Thank you

Great model, thank you!!!

@zsolt_m ​ Looks awesome but your link downloaded a zip file and that will not open in my WatchMaker app, even if I extract it.

@Bobby_Smith lol, this watchface is for Android watch but not Android wear. So you can’t use it with your watch.

@Will_Smith Sure I could. I could just use the pieces to build it for WatchMaker. I was just hoping I didn’t need to do that.

But you need the original author’s permission…

@Will_Smith Not if I keep it to myself and not share it.

@zsolt_m ​ Would you mind if I use these parts to build it myself for WatchMaker app? If I decided to share it, I would of course give you credit for making the parts.

@Bobby_Smith Of course, u can that ,with personal use, but not for reshare. Thanks

@zsolt_m That’s cool. Thank you.

Fantastic, thank`s

Hi! Great work! But, link doesnt work:-(
Can you help me downloading?

Moved to lost round faces.


Thank you! downloaded! Thanks:-)

You did it? How? The link’s broken…