JN_DigitalGreen & DigitalYellow

Here is my ClockSkin - JN_DigitalGreen & DigitalYellow
Build with WFD for #Stocklauncher #Android
Features: 24Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, Month, Year, Temperature, Weather and power level, plus, Heart Rate
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share
Download link Green: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10K4Kh7NZHi1p3pm949nY3LbCHQgJCNZF/view?usp=sharing
Download link Yellow:


I find all these very bright, but really like the design. Could you create one with the blue colour from JNDigitalHambianceV2 :crossed_fingers:

Thanks @Dotsfar. Ok I will do that.

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@Dotsfar, is this blue ok?

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Yes, I had to watch it in the Prime 2 browser to be sure, very good, much more ‘relaxed’ feeling. Would it be going over the edge to dream of the ‘net’ look from the other watch in the big blue area ? But I am not sure how it will blend with black timestamp though…

No, I take that back, it won’t fit in this face with the ‘net’ look, it will also collide with your logo.
So as you made it here is perfect :slightly_smiling_face:

Brilliant, going to download both colours. Thanks

@Simon_Jaffé-Noble Thanks

beautiful skin.

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Thanks @lolencharm