Jedy Power Watch Credits: My first clockskin Download:

Jedy Power Watch

Credits: My first clockskin


Amazing for a first time. Excellent watch face.

Great job brother

very nice tnx

@Mark_Marquez Link OK. Try now. Or give me email

@Mark_Marquez Check mail. I sent you zip-file

On my Allcall W1 the minutes are half an hour off?

Same problem here on my AllCall W1

@Wolfgang_Binoder what do you mean? Can you show screenshot? I cant imagine problem

Not showing exact time specially minutes not matching the time minutes are moving backward direction (anticlockwise ) that’s why the minutes are not matching here’s I recorded video so you can easily understand

I was wrong, it is as ankush says. Minutes are moving backwards…

Sorry my link is locked I unlocked the link you can now see my link

Hi there, this is my favorite face but after it turned to May 1st, the line for day, month and yr. all ran together as my pic shows. I loaded it on Les2 and AllCall with Eric’s launcher and they both look the same. Did a but just show up? Can you fix please.