I've seen since I got my kw88 that when I use the clock walking

I’ve seen since I got my kw88 that when I use the clock walking or doing sports is constantly reboots, but when I do normal life this does not happen, not if you will have to do with the accelerometer or that, but just need it to work properly when I practice some activity. anyone know how to fix it? Thank you

What is your Firmware version?

KW88_CS1_B_20160729. thanks.

@joel_carlos_burgos_a ​ could you do me a favor. Next time you work outside. Tape off the bottom of the watch. The charging pads AND the simdoor. Please tell me if the reboots continue to occur outside.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf Hi. I tried plugging the charging connectors and all the bottom (thought it was sweat) with adhesive tape, but still happening. Not only when I play sports, I also occurs when normal activity, but it happens less. practicing sport is constant even covering the entire area

KW have said that an OTA will be released for this version soon.

@joel_carlos_burgos_a ​ I’m having the same symptoms. Was curious if sweat was the cause of our problems.

could be…

Accelerometer could also be the cause. IQI I2 has the same problem. High rate of reboot when active, none if I’m passive

KW said their OTA would fix it but it’s only available so far - for watches with FW version 20160801… They say that a version compatible with the older 20160729/30 should be out soon…

I still held off installing the 0801 OTA because I didn’t wanted a possible processor clamp.
Also time restraints kept me from experimenting with firmware.
Was monitoring this community for possible ressults.

Well - I have just been given the green light to publish the SP Tools version dated 20160921.
So I will link it to the new proboard forum and announce it here as well.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf I also think it is failure of the accelerometer, but you can’t disconnect to check…