i've gotthe KW88 for few days.

i’ve gotthe KW88 for few days. i’m using local sim card and i can make calls and write messages but can’t use the internet (only wifi). i can’t set APN. someone has any suggestions?

Just checked. Same here. Any fixes for this anyone?

@C_For you have only just noticed this?
So does it affect you ? I’m guessing you have not used mobile data yet then?

i had problems connecting the sim card at the beggining, that’s why it took me a while to notice this. i really need the mobile data for my daily use

I would:
a) factory reset from the settings menu on the watch.
b) if that doesn’t work flash the original firmware which I will discuss with the team to see if it’s ok to post.

It is odd because I have all the OTAs and have not had this issue. Mind you Ciro get 24hrs battery life and I’m lucky to get 4.

Early build android for you :slight_smile: LOL

I’ll post an update shortly

I have to wait until tomorrow (at the ODMs request) to get confirmation that I can release firmware.
I have to say that this is the first time I have had such a request.

i tried factory reset - didn’t help…
i’ll try using sim card of different carrier, maybe it will work

es resistente al agua? o que IP es, no mencionan???

happy to say that the mobile data works fine with sim card of other provider, so the watch is not the problem

did you try to send sms to 610? i’m also with hotmobile. it will tell you if the watch is supported by them or not and better also to go to them and ask them to do it.

@Ilan_Shahaf can you tell me what your provider was that did not work and what is the one that does work?
The SIM providers

@sonia_sophie_ataunna i sent the sms to 610 and got message back that the phone is not supported. talk to hotmobile and they couldn’t help me

the watch doesn’t get mobile data with hot mobile sim card, but works fine with cellcom sim card

@Ilan_Shahaf Thanks mate

what kind of sim card does it accept? also, does it need one to function? (just a yes or a no will do, as I can’t seem to find the FAQs on the other watch

It would be a bit strange buying one of these if you don’t have a sim card but there is another guy here who doesn’t have a sim. It will work fine without one but why buy a stand alone phone watch if you don’t have a sim?

I have KW88 and I call EE and they send me a new nano sim card is diferent number but I use my free minutes and free text from my phone tariffs ! If that help to you at all my friend :wink::wink::wink:

Is there any link or app where I can get some new watch faces guys ??

Have a look around the forum…