I've been trying to root my X5 using this guide today but I can't

I’ve been trying to root my X5 using this guide today but I can’t get root access. Am I doing something wrong?


Have you followed the “Rooting the PROPER WAY” guide from the Guides section?

No. I just searched for it and nothing is showing up. Do you have the post link?


@Ciro_Danise - this doesn’t have a scatter file for the x5. Also when I launch MTK tools, I’m getting no device connected. Everything else up to that point seems to work.

Do kingoroot

Will try now

@Frankie_Santiago and @C_For Kingroot is a bad idea as it installs a number of hidden “features”.
Download my TWRP for W815 from XDA, it contains the proper scatter file, and follow the guide up to the point 7 using these files.
Then press and hold the lower button of the X5 and turn on the watch, this will start in recovery mode.
Jump to the point 14 of the guide and go on to the end.

It’s so simple when you know what your doing! Thank you for the help!

Now that I’ve got that sorted, could someone kindly help me or point me in the right direction to get the EPO gps fixer working?


Just found a guide on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2709026

Your link direct to MT GPS EPO Fix

How do I download the EPO file. Still struggling to figure this out. Anyone any experience doing this? @Ciro_Danise @Frankie_Santiago

Guys thank you for all your help. I managed to figure it out and got GPS fix for the first time since purchasing this watch!!!

What I was missing was turning off location services before running the MTK GPS app. Once I’d done this the EPO downloaded straight away and after 10 min outside I was picking up about 8 sats!

How to open the TWRP? I tried to stop the clock, push two above knock but nothing happened!

@Lam_Cao Have already flashed the TWRP recovery on your watch?
If so, just power off the watch, press and hold the lower button then press the power button (keep pressed the lower button until you see the globe on the screen).
Finally you are in the TWRP recovery menu.

Hi @C_For ​​. Could you please share more details about the solution you have used to fix the GPS issue?
I’m a little frustrated (actually very frustrated), as one of the main reasons I bought my D5 was to be able to use only it while running, with apps like Runkeeper.
I’ve been trying some solutions a while, but was really hoping I would be able to finally fix the GPS issue after rooting the watch, what I’ve done last week (with Loki’s Imperial ROM).
Sadly I was not able to accomplish it yet.
So I was hoping some of you guys with more knowledge on this matter would kindly help me.
Guides with images or videos would be much appreciated. I’ve watched some, but it seems my D5 does not have some of the options showed (like disable EPO automatic download, for an instance).

@Ciro_Danise Thank you very much for reply. I installed TWRP and everything was ok on my PC’s screen. But when I press and hold, my watch is just open only. Should I flash TWRP again? When we install TWRP, could we intall .apk file with this?

try “adb restart recovery” on your pc , maybe the lower key of the X5 is broken?